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Opportunities for Funding and Endorsement

The Sea Duck Joint Venture uses an objective process to solicit, evaluate, and endorse scientifially sound and economical projects that address elements of its scientific agenda. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, a partner in the SDJV, administers funds via grants, purchase orders, and contracts on a competitive basis. In addition, the SDJV offers endorsement of scientifically sound sea duck studies to aid applicants seeking funding independent of the SDJV. Projects seeking funding and/or endorsement must submit proposals for review. See Request for Proposals below for more information.

The Sea Duck Joint Venture will not be issuing a general Request for Proposals for 2012. The SDJV Management Board has decided that, given reduced funding levels, all available resources will be directed to ongoing high priority research (e.g., Atlantic and Great Lakes Sea Duck Migration Study) and monitoring surveys for at least the next year. For more information, see the SDJV Implementation Plan, 2011-2014.

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