Sea Duck Joint Venture

A Conservation Partnership under the North American Waterfowl Management Plan

Sea Duck Joint Venture

Sea Duck Joint Venture

Sea Duck Key Habitat Sites Atlas Narratives

Use the links below to download individual narratives and regional sets of narratives from the Atlas.

California, Washington, and British Columbia Key Sites [2.6 MB]

1 San Francisco Bay [narrative]

2 Salish Sea [narrative]

3 Dogfish Banks and Rose Spit [narrative]

Alaska Key Sites [12 MB]

4 Annette-Betton-Cleveland Islands [narrative]

5 Eastern Chichagof Island [narrative]

6 Lynn Canal–Frederick Sound [narrative]

7 Glacier Bay [narrative]

8 Lost Coast [narrative]

9 Kodiak Archipelago [narrative]

10 Izembek Lagoon [narrative]

11 Nelson Lagoon [narrative]

12 Seal Islands [narrative]

13 Nushagak and Kvichak Bays [narrative]

14 Kuskokwim Shoals [narrative]

15 Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta [narrative]

16 Norton Sound [narrative]

17 Northern Bering Sea [narrative]

18 Ledyard Bay [narrative]

19 Beaufort Sea Coastal Lagoons [narrative]

Western Canadian Arctic Key Sites [4.5 MB]

20 Kukjutkuk and Hutchison Bays [narrative]

21 McKinley Bay–Phillips Island [narrative]

22 Cape Bathurst Polynya [narrative]

23 Cape Parry [narrative]

24 West Banks Island Lead [narrative]

25 Lambert Channel [narrative]

Eastern Canadian Arctic and Hudson Bay Key Sites [7 MB]

26 Southwestern Hudson Bay [narrative]

27 Western James Bay [narrative]

28 Southeast James Bay [narrative]

29 Northeast James Bay and Adjacent Coastal Lowlands [narrative]

30 Belcher Islands [narrative]

31 Sleeper Islands [narrative]

32 Nastapoka Islands and Lac Guillaume-Delisle [narrative]

33 Buchan Gulf [narrative]

34 Scott Inlet [narrative]

35 Markham Bay [narrative]

36 Frobisher Bay [narrative]

37 Ungava Bay [narrative]

38 Killiniq Island-Button Islands [narrative]

Atlantic Canada Key Sites [12.7 MB]

39 Northern Labrador [narrative]

40 Nain [narrative]

41 Backway [narrative]

42 Quirpon Island to Grey Islands [narrative]

43 Twillingate to Little Fogo Islands [narrative]

44 Wadham to Penguin Islands [narrative]

45 Western Bonavista Bay [narrative]

46 Cape Bonavista [narrative]

47 Northeast Avalon [narrative]

48 Avalon Peninsula, Cape Spear to St. Shotts [narrative]

49 St. Pierre and Miquelon to Cape St. Mary’s [narrative]

50 Southwestern St. Lawrence Estuary (Kamouraska–Trois-Pistoles) [narrative]

51 Baie des Rochers [narrative]

52 Cap Marteau–Matane (Southeastern St. Lawrence Estuary) [narrative]

53 Baie des Bacon–Pointe Lebel [narrative]

54 Baie des Anglais [narrative]

55 Baie de la Trinité–Magpie Bay [narrative]

56 Mingan Islands–Pointe Pashashibou [narrative]

57 Western–Southwestern Anticosti Island [narrative]

58 Southeastern Anticosti Island [narrative]

59 Port-Daniel–Newport Point [narrative]

60 Chaleur Bay [narrative]

61 Îles de la Madeleine (Magdalen Islands) [narrative]

62 Eastern Shore [narrative]

63 Prospect [narrative]

64 South Shore [narrative]

65 Digby Neck [narrative]

66 Southwestern Bay of Fundy [narrative]

Great Lakes Key Sites [7.4 MB]

67 Sturgeon Bay to Manitowoc [narrative]

68 Green Bay, Wisconsin, and Bay de Nocs [narrative]

69 Garden Peninsula [narrative]

70 Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore [narrative]

71 Southeast Lake Michigan [narrative]

72 Western Lake Erie [narrative]

73 Central Lake Erie–Long Point Bay [narrative]

74 Eastern Lake Erie, Ontario [narrative]

75 Western Lake Ontario, Ontario [narrative]

76 Eastern Lake Ontario, Ontario [narrative]

77 Upper St. Lawrence River [narrative]

U.S. Atlantic Coast Key Sites [5.3 MB]

78 Coastal Maine [narrative]

79 Nantucket Sound and Shoals [narrative]

80 South Shore Long Island [narrative]

81 Delaware Bay [narrative]

82 Upper Chesapeake Bay [narrative]

83 Lower Chesapeake Bay [narrative]

84 Pamlico Sound [narrative]

85 Southern Atlantic Coast [narrative]

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The Sea Duck Joint Venture promotes the conservation of all North American sea ducks through partnerships by providing greater knowledge and understanding for effective population and habitat conservation and management.