Sea Duck Joint Venture Planning Documents

Strategic Plan

The 2022-2031 Sea Duck Joint Venture Strategic Plan [2 MB PDF] defines the general, comprehensive direction of the SDJV over the next 10 years, and outlines strategies for achieving the SDJV partnership’s vision. The Plan will serve as an over-arching communication tool used to increase knowledge and awareness of key conservation issues that require action from entities within and outside the SDJV partnership. It identifies priorities for sea duck research and conservation action, including: (1) focus on species of management concern, (2) assess population status and distribution, (3) improve harvest management, (4) conserve important habitats, (5) understand consequences of environmental change, and (6) understand and mitigate effects of industrial development. Broad actions related to each priority are identified and will be expanded upon in a subsequent work plan that includes milestones, measurable outcomes, and a timeline.

Actions to achieve SDJV goals include: (1) continuing to support research that informs critical aspects of sea duck management, especially related to harvest and recreational enjoyment, habitat protection, and identification and response to threats; (2) improving management of existing data sets; and, (3) increase partnerships, awareness, and engagement in sea duck conservation through strategic communication, support for early career scientists, and increased focus on human dimensions and new partnerships. The SDJV will continue to be flexible and adaptive by taking advantage of opportunities presented by partners and maximize the application of knowledge gained through SDJV activities.

Previous SDJV Strategic Plans

Strategic Communications Plan

The Sea Duck Joint Venture developed this SDJV Strategic Communications Plan [1 MB PDF] for 2015-2019 following a strategic communications planning approach. This plan will guide the communications efforts among SDJV staff, SDJV Continental Technical Team (CTT), Management Board, other partners, and contractors.