Sea Duck Joint Venture

A Conservation Partnership under the North American Waterfowl Management Plan

Sea Duck Joint Venture

Spectacled Eider

Somateria fischeri

Spectacled eiders are large sea ducks, 52-56 cm (20-22 in.). Males weigh about 1500 g and females 1600 g (about 3.4 lbs.) in spring before nesting, after which males outweigh females.

Sea Duck Information Series fact sheet [PDF]

Spectacled Eider Species Knowledge Summary and Information Needs [PDF]

USFWS Endangered Species Information – Spectacled Eider

Aerial Identification video

Spectacled Eider Gallery

Spectacled Eider Range Map



The SDJV promotes the conservation of all North American sea ducks through partnerships by providing greater knowledge and understanding for effective population and habitat conservation and management.

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