East coast common eider initiative

Project Number: 16
Year Funded: 2008
Lead Institution(s): Ducks Unlimited Canada
Project Lead: Mark Gloutney
Collaborator(s): Katherine Mehl (UND), DUC, IWWR, ECCC, EcoAction, EDF, CWS, NLDEC, MYN, NLLNT, QLF, EHJV, ERDA, WBCDA
Location: Atlantic Coast
Focal Species: Common Eider (Somateria mollissima)
Project Description: The goal of the Eider Initiative is to develop a population model to guide Common Eider Somateria mollissima dresseri harvest regulations and management decisions. Development of such models requires current, detailed information on life-history traits throughout the life-cycle of the species. We chose Newfoundland and Labrador as the focal point for this research because Common Eider populations in this region have experienced relatively little growth following their protection by the Migratory Bird Conservation Act, compared to that of other populations south of this area. Specific reasons for depressed population growth of eiders nesting in this region are unknown. Factors that may contribute to low growth rates include anthropogenic affects such as harvest or increased disturbance through aquaculture, inter-tidal harvests, or shipping and natural processes such as shifts of the predatorprey dynamics or recruitment levels. Understanding constraints to population growth requires a strong understanding of species-specific life history traits. This information is critical for developing and implementing management strategies that promote sustainable and harvestable populations.
Project Reports: https://seaduckjv.org/pdf/studies/pr16.pdf
East coast common eider initiative